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Europe’s Smartest Cities for Tourism

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Ten European cities have been selected for the 2020 European Capital of Smart Tourism contest. The judgement criteria for the contest includes 4 categories: digitalization, sustainability, accessibility, cultural heritage and creativity.The shortlisted countries are: Bratislava (Slovakia), Breda (The Netherlands), Bremerhaven (Germany), Gothenburg (Sweden), Karlsruhe (Germany), Ljubljana (Slovenia), Málaga (Spain), Nice (France), Ravenna (Italy) and Torino (Italy) were selected from a total of 35 applications from across 17 EU Member States. The European Parliament proposed this yearly competition with the objective of promoting Smart Tourism in the EU. Implemented by the EU commission, the EU has set out to expand and facilitate innovative, sustainable and inclusive tourism development.

Winning cities will be awarded at the awards ceremony in Helsinki, as a part of its European Tourism Forum on the 9 and 10 October 2019. The selection of the city applicants projects, ideas and initiatives to last years’ competition can be found here.