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EUROCITIES2017 - First come, first serve…

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Find out who the first pair are that you can have a coffee with in a special session at the EUROCITIES Conference!

Maja and Alenka from the cultural art society Smetumet have several views on life and one relationship towards waste. A glamorous one.

About Maja

It all began with a broken green umbrella that I used to make a bag. I find inspiration in many different materials. If I had to pick a favourite, I’d choose wooden boards that wash up on the seashore. I carry them to my grandfather’s workshop still smelling of salt and pine trees and slowly turn them into … 

About Alenka

When I was 9, I had lamps made out of old cans in my room. That wasn’t cool. Now I’m making stuff from trash myself. My hobbies: social activism, coffee, being late.

Follow us to find out who else you can drink coffee with. 

And who comes first will be served first…

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