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EUROCITIES statement on future of EU cohesion policy

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The initial reflections indicate that extremely difficult and complex discussions are ahead on the EU budget post-2020.

Brexit, global geopolitical changes, rising populism and Euroscepticism have created great uncertainty about the size and priorities of the next EU budget. This will undoubtedly impact on the future of cohesion policy, which is currently under intense criticism at several levels for its alleged lack of effectiveness and European added value.  Well ahead of the Commission’s legislative proposals, we published a statement on the future of cohesion policy, highlighting  that this policy is a strong symbol of European solidarity. For many cities it is an essential resource for long-term investment in public infrastructure and services. Based on the recognition of the growing role of cities, a simplified cohesion policy with a stronger urban and territorial dimension built on meaningful partnership with the local level could be a powerful tool to overcome the challenges Europe is facing today. 
As a next step, building on input from several working groups, we will make detailed recommendations in a policy paper to be published before the summer. 
You can read the full statement here.

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Marton Matko