EUROCITIES members win ESPON support for targeted analysis


EUROCITIES members are stepping up their work on urban ageing, learning from one another how to best address the demographic challenge their cities is facing.

Eight members of our WG urban ageing (Amsterdam, Barcelona, Gothenburg, Hengelo, Manchester, Nantes, Oslo, Zaragoza) applied for an ESPON targeted analysis on ‘adapting European cities to population ageing:  policy challenges and best practices’. The application was selected and ranked first in 11 applications received by ESPON. Although no financial support is implied, the targeted analysis involves research and analytical support to transfer knowledge, share experience and facilitate the use of evidence in policy and practice on adapting cities to age-friendly environments.

Recently EUROCITIES has also become partner in the new thematic network on smart healthy age-friendly environments, led by Caritas Coimbra and involving many key stakeholders including representatives from groups D4 and C2 of the European Innovation Partnership on Active and Healthy Ageing (EIP-AHA), European Innovation Partnership on Smart Cities and Communities (EIP-SCC), Reference Sites Collaborative Network, European Covenant on Demographic Change and many others. The specific aim is to enhance two main aspects of age-friendly environments – places and people – by creating eHealth and mHealth solutions. On eHealth, the focus is to map e-support of smart homes to patients who suffer from chronic diseases and impairments, including smart communication with formal and informal care. With mHealth, the focus is on bridging the gaps between technology and the real needs of users. EUROCITIES is represented in this thematic network by Oslo, the chair of our working group on urban ageing. 

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