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EUROCITIES is celebrating Europe Day 2017 with the launch of our fully revamped newsletter!

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  • culture
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  • knowledge society
  • mobility

This new notification tool will now send you regular updates of the most recent content available on our website, at intervals you choose, and from across our policy and projects work.

It has been developed to offer all the most recent EUROCITIES updates, tailored for you.

How do we tailor content? By allowing you to update your preferences on our website.

This is the place for you to keep up-to-date with our six thematic areas: culture, economic development, environment, knowledge society, mobility, and social affairs. Follow the latest from our working groups, forums and projects.

In addition, members will receive exclusive notice board, news and events info. This service is designed to allow you to follow updates from areas beyond those you are already involved in and will not change your membership preferences.

All your EUROCITIES content in one place!

Want to share this content with colleagues? We’ll soon add an option on our website to sign up.

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