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EUROCITIES conducts a follow-up survey on the implementation of the European Pillar of Social Rights at local level


EUROCITIES is carrying out a survey to collect data, evidence and good practices on the measures cities are taking in line with the principles of the European Pillar of Social Rights. This survey is a follow up to the initiative from 2018 which focused on the first 4 principles of the Pillar under the chapter ‘Equal opportunities and access to the labour market’. The report resulting from the first survey is available here

The European Pillar of Social Rights is not only the present but also the future of the EU social agenda. Cities play a crucial role in implementing the Pillar by translating its principles into concrete measures with tangible impact on improving people’s lives. Therefore, we are set to continue our ‘Cities delivering social rights’ initiative and launched a second survey for EUROCITIES members to report on their policy initiatives under the chapter ‘Social Protection and Inclusion’, with focus on 2 key principles:

  • Principle 11 - ‘Childcare and support to children
  • Principle 19 – Housing and assistance for the homeless

On each topic, we gather information on:

  • competences cities have in the given area
  • data on the current situation in the city
  • city measures that are promising practices to achieve the principle
  • obstacles to be removed to enable cities to do more
  • further actions cities can commit to take to improve the situation in the policy area
  • policy recommendations for actions by the national government and EU institutions

The survey results will feed into an analytical report of EUROCITIES to be published in October 2019 ahead of the Social Affairs Forum in Warsaw. Furthermore, the results will form the basis for the EUROCITIES upcoming ‘Social Europe’ statement and feed into our upcoming policy and advocacy priorities with the incoming EU institutions.

The survey document is available through the link below, please submit your answers until the beginning of August to and do not hesitate to be in touch for any further questions.

   EUROCITIES survey for members about city initiatives_in_line_with_the_European Pillar of Social Rights ECEC housing homelessdownload/preview this file