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Declaration on clean buses launched by Commissioner Bulc: EUROCITIES is one of the first to join this initiative

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On 13 July, the Commissioner Violeta Bulc launched the clean buses deployment initiative in front of many city representatives and political leaders gathered in the plenary of the Committee of the Regions. EUROCITIES is one of the first signatories of the declaration of intent supported by its network members.

The main purpose of the initiative is to ensure a quicker development of alternative fuelled buses in European cities in order to achieve the target of 35% by 2025 of clean buses used for urban transport in the whole Europe. This initiative brings together a wide range of stakeholders as public authorities, public transport authorities, city networks, industry and technological organisations. 

Commissioner Bulc argued: “Any decision to invest large-scale into alternatively fuelled bus technology needs to be based on a sound, well-understood business model that leaves all involved partners with sufficient confidence into its financing model and its funding strategy seen from a total cost of ownership perspective.”

The Clean Bus Deployment initiative is based on the three pillars:

  • A public declaration endorsing a common ambition of cities and manufacturers to accelerate the roll-out of clean buses.

  • The creation of a deployment platform where public authorities, public transport operators, manufacturers and financial organisations exchange information and agree potential investment.

  • The launch of an expert group to provide expertise on technological, financial and organisational issues.

More info about the declaration:

EUROCITIES staff contact

Matilde Chinellato