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Culture for Cities and Regions coaching visit to Angers

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In March, Culture for Cities and Regions, the European Commission initiative managed by EUROCITIES, organised a coaching visit to Angers,

The visit brought together experts Arthur Le Gall from KEA European Affairs and Tom Fleming from TF Creative Consultancy, and city peers from Lincoln.

Over two days, the coaches focused on Angers’ needs in terms of governance, leadership, and strategy. The city’s departments of culture and economic development manage the cultural and creative industries (CCIs) based on have a dedicated policy and strategy, and they have already identified their common needs and concerns.

Highlighting Angers’ CCI assets, the coaches stressed that there seems to be potential for more interaction between the local cultural operators and CCIs. The music and audiovisual sectors are well represented and play a key role in Angers’ CCIs policy. The strategy should, however, be open to other cultural and creative sectors, and should be attractive to graduates from the city’s universities.

EUROCITIES staff contact

Cecile Houpert