Contribute to the evaluation of the support to social inclusion by the European Social Fund (ESF)


The European Commission is launching an online consultation to evaluate the role of the European Social Fund (ESF) in supporting social inclusion.

This evaluation exercise focuses mainly on whether the people most in need of assistance were reached and on which type of support has been most effective. It covers the perdiod from 2014 to 2018. The results from this assessment will be used to better design future support to social inclusion to improve its focus and effectiveness. Your contribution to this consultation can therefore have an impact on cities’ access to ESF+ for the future financing period. 

The consultation is available here in all official languages of the EU. You can contribute until 19 December 2019

Have a look below at EUROCITIES' preliminary report on lessons learned from cities experiences with the European Social Fund in 2014-2017 to see issues we propose for consideration in the ESF post 2020. 

   EUROCITIES_report_on_ESF_lessons_learned_from_cities_experiencesdownload/preview this file