Commission event to support large cities developing innovative and strategic procurement

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EUROCITIES helped Commission DG Grow to organise an event for 'Big public buyers', which will take place on 6-7 June in Brussels. This initiative aims to support public buyers to scale up innovation, organise joint statement of demands, learning together on innovation procurement, joint cross border procurement, and strategic procurement, in particular to contribute to the Commission's update of the guide 'Buying social'.

Participants will discuss with colleagues from several DGs of the Commission working on innovative and strategic procurement:

-practical solutions for scaling up innovation through public purchasing in areas such as deep tech, biotech, advanced materials, manufacturing, nanotechnology or artificial intelligence;

-identify market sectors where joint cross border procurement or at least joint statements of demands would make sense;

-create synergies and capitalise on existing initiatives such as the urban agenda partnership on innovative and responsible procurement;

-innovation procurement guidance, which the Commission is drafting;

-implementation of legislative and regulatory tools needed by cities for developing and implementing strategic public procurement - for instance the guidance on social procurement prepared by the European Commission;

-education and training for public procurers;

-facilitation and funding of projects, currently (COSME, Horizon2020), and what are the needs of public buyers for the future funding period 2021-2027.

This meeting will take place back to back with our working group public services-public procurement, on 5 June, which is also meeting jointly with our circular economy task force to discuss how to implement circular procurement. DG ENVI will participate to our meeting and discuss with our member cities how the Commission can support them in developing circular procurement.