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Commission consultation on integration of long-term unemployed into the labour market

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This public consultation aims to gather views on the implementation of the measures of the Council Recommendation of February 2016, such as providing a single point of contacts for all services targeting long-term unemployed people. Inputs on future actions needed to support these people are also welcomed.

Addressing long-term unemployment - unemployment lasting more than 12 months - is a key political priority of the Commission's jobs and growth strategy. On 15 February 2016, the Council adopted the Recommendation. Two years since its adoption, an evaluation on the actions taken by Member States and the Commission to implement the Recommendation is being undertaken. The views expressed in this consultation will feed into this evaluation. The Commission will then report to the Council in 2019, based on the evaluation results. 
EUROCITIES, through its working group employment, will develop a response to this consultation but also encourages its member cities to answer individually.
The deadline for input is 31 July.
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