Cities' readiness to comply with GDPR - EUROCITIES' survey results

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From 11 June to 02 July 2018, EUROCITIES conducted a survey to assess the level of compliance and readiness of its members to new EU privacy rules. Initiated by EUROCITIES and the cities of Barcelona and Ghent, this survey intended to identify needs and gaps encountered by cities in the implementation of the legislation.

In total, 18 cities across Europe responded to the survey (Athens, Barcelona, Bologna, Braga, Edinburgh, Eindhoven, Florence, Genova, Ghent, Gothenburg, Karlstad, Köln, Kungsbacka, Lisbon, Porto, Prague, Rennes, and Reykjavik) among which 13 have named a staff person interesting in taking part in a GDPR group of experts.

Main findings from the survey:

  • The cities’ total compliance with the GDPR is a still under process of development
  •  Some cities are already well advanced, but many cities still face many challenges (lack of resources – financial, human, technical; or legal and organisational) in their transformation towards the complete GDPR compliance
  • Although Microsoft office products dominate in used data registry tools, some cities have developed/implemented interesting new registry tools (some are ready also for replication). 
  • Majority of studied cities chose a centralised responsibility (via a newly established team) for dealing with the GDPR across the city areas. 

Survey findings will serve for building peer-learning and capacity-building activities addressed to data protection officers and experts willing to collaborate within a dedicated expert group. Outcomes of discussions and exchanges are expected to feed the work of EUROCITIES’ Knowledge Society Forum working-groups. Synergies with the working groups on data and standards & interoperability will especially strive to leverage knowledge acquired to influence EU policies and standardisation in this area.


Further details about the survey analysis will be published by the end of September and afterwards, the city of Barcelona and Ghent will organise a webinar for all interested members. We will keep you informed. 

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EUROCITIES staff contact

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