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Cities preparing for CEF transport calls

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EUROCITIES members from eight different TEN-T corridors participated in a brokerage event on the Connecting Europe Facility’s 2014 transport call for proposals.

At the event on 10 December, Gudrun Schulze from the European Commission’s DG MOVE explained the Commission’s expectations of cities and consortia applying for the current call, which is open until the 26 February 2015. She stressed the importance of the call for Core Network Nodes to build a real network policy, instead of simply putting together projects that lack a real connection between European cities.

Gudrun Schulze said the Commission is keen to develop its own policy in respect of cities’ specificities, hoping that new ideas stemming from the local level will be profitable for the whole of the EU.

She also clarified the difference between the annual and multiannual Core Network Nodes call: the former is centred on specific issues that cities face within the TEN-T framework, while the multiannual call is principally intended to fund projects with a corridor approach.

Representatives from the municipality of Burgas and Netwerstad Twente presented their project ideas for the CEF calls. This was followed by brainstorming on forming a consortium to apply for the February call, with various project ideas inspired by all the participants.