Call to join Horizon Europe Missions Board: shape the future - Deadline 11 June 2019

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On 13 May 2019 the Commission launched a call for expression of interest for members of five Mission Boards to help specify, design and implement missions for Horizon Europe. It will be open until 11 June 2019.

The Commission is looking for a broad mix of experts from industry and innovation, research, policy making, practitioner organisations and also from end users, which are appointed in a personal capacity and have a deep commitment to the success of the missions.

Mission of Board role:

To provide advice on the following areas: (a) identification and design of one or more missions in the respective mission area (b) content of work programmes and their revision as needed for achieving the mission objectives, with input from stakeholders and, where relevant, the public; (c) characteristics of project portfolios for missions; (d) adjustment actions, or termination if appropriate, based on implementation assessments according to the defined objectives of the mission; (e) selection of independent expert evaluators, briefing of expert evaluators and evaluation criteria and their weighting; (f) framework conditions which help achieve the objectives of the mission; (g) communication, including on the performance and the achievements of the mission; (h) policy coordination between relevant actors at different levels, in particular regarding synergies with other Union policies; (i) key performance indicators

The Commission seeks a good mixture of high level individuals with broad expertise, including where appropriate Social Sciences and Humanities experts, from across Europe and beyond, including relevant end-users' representatives and with profiles from the following:

· industry, innovation and business, from sectors, companies and organisations relevant in one or more fields covered by the respective mission areas;  

· academia and research organisations, including researchers and managers in one or more fields covered by the respective mission areas;

· policy makers and practitioners;

· former public figures including politicians such as former city Mayors; 

· end-users and key stakeholders for one or more fields covered by the respective mission areas, e.g. - public sector from national, regional and local administrations, patient groups, citizens associations, associations for public engagement and science education, sector specific associations; - international agencies, e.g. the UN, WHO; - social partners from EU Member States and Civil Society Organisations e.g. NGOs, foundations; - financial sector;  - communications sector.

How would missions work?

A number of missions will be included in Horizon Europe the next framework programme and these will specifically target global challenges. The target would be clearly measurable and need to be achievable with a portfolio of research and innovation measures.

The Commission held a call for feedback on missions which was open for contributions from 22 February 2018 until 4 April 2018. EUROCITIES contributed for those.

The aim was to get feedback on the Mission-oriented research & innovation in the European Union report and come up with some concrete mission proposals that will feed into the preparatory work for the next framework programme. Analysing call for feedback resultsPreliminary summaryFull analysis.

Specific missions will be set up in the following five areas:

-       Adaptation to climate change, including societal transformation

-       Cancer

-       Healthy oceans, seas, coastal and inland waters

-       Climate-neutral and smart cities

-       Soil health and food