Call for participation: join COLLECTOR's Regional Working Group!

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COLLECTORS is a new Horizon 2020 project starting in December 2017 and focusing on good practices for the collection and sorting of three waste categories: packaging and paper waste, WEEE, and construction and demolition waste.

COLLECTORS: good practices suitable for specific contexts
COLLECTORS aims at highlighting and documenting good practices relevant to specific challenges: dense cities, remote areas and territories with limited resources to set up an ambitious waste strategy. To make these practices meaningful to local decision makers, they will be analysed on different parameters: quality of sorted material, social acceptance, economic performance and environmental impact.
Join the Regional Working Group!
Another innovative aspect of the COLLECTORS project is its participative approach. The methods, deliverables and tools developed by the project consortium will be discussed and validated by a Regional Working Group composed of local and regional authorities interested in sharing their experience and benefiting from the project’s outputs. Selected members of the Regional Working Group will be also invited during one (or more) of the four project meeting, giving them the possibility to contribute to the project but also to exchange with other territories during a public conference and participate to study visits. If you are interested in joining the Regional Working Group, please register here!

Looking for experts for our first meeting!
The project will be launched on the 20-22 March in Treviso, during a meeting hosted by Contarina. On 21 March, the first Regional Working Group meeting will take place, focusing on the key parameters upon which the waste collection systems will be analysed regarding their usefulness for decision-makers. We wish to involve experts from public authorities and public waste companies. If you are willing to share your experience on available and meaningful data about packaging waste, WEEE and construction and demolition waste, you are invited to inform us on your availability to participate here (travel and accommodation will be reimbursed by the project). The participants will be also invited to attend to the public conference and study visit on the 22 March 2018 in Treviso.
See below to learn more about the project.
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