CREATE final conference - 'Get going! Tackling congestion in Europe and beyond'

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Highlights from the CREATE final conference and cocktail reception at the European Parliament

Get going! Tackling congestion in Europe and beyond
The closing conference of CREATE, a CIVITAS project, which started three years ago, took place in Brussels on the 22-23 May. The event shared the results generated from the project with over 80 participants from Europe and beyond.
The conference kicked off with a presentation by the project coordinator, Prof. Peter Jones (University College London), on policy findings from the project. Piotr Rapacz, from the European Commission's DG MOVE, then looked at future urban mobility challenges and how Sustainable Urban Mobility Plans (SUMPs) can help solve them. The first day also included a political roundtable featuring Michael Cramer MEP and city representatives from Bucharest, Skopje and Adana.
The day ended with a cocktail reception at the European Parliament, hosted by Jakop Dalunde MEP. At the reception, we made the link with the current EU mobility package being discussed at the parliament and council. Secretary general of EUROCITIES, Anna-Lisa Boni, together with Prof. Peter Jones and a high-level representative from Berlin, underlined the importance of local governments in improving citizens’ liveability.
The second day of the conference was dedicated to research and the main technical findings from the project. We presented the methods and evidence from the project, for example,  findings on governance, policies, and behaviour from Copenhagen, Paris, Berlin, Vienna and London. We also presented strategies on how to accelerate urban development processes. The day concluded with an academic session presenting legacy plans for the project, for example, how findings can be integrated into academic courses.
CREATE finishes on 31 May 2018. You can find all results and deliverables on
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