CIVITAS SUMPs-Up call for planning authorities: 10 days left to apply!

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The CIVITAS SUMPs-Up project is looking for planning authorities interested in joining its Innovation Pilot Pool (IPP), a select group of transport and urban mobility planning practitioners that will help in developing innovative tools and services to aid SUMP development in European cities.

The CIVITAS SUMPs-Up project recently launched its first call for applications for planning authorities to join its Innovation Pilot Pool (IPP). A total of 50 participants with different profiles will be recruited, and all local authorities can apply. Applications are open until Wednesday  24 May 2017.

Does your city have experience of developing SUMPs?
A planning authority can join the "Leadership group" (10 participants). Members of this group will assist CIVITAS SUMPs-Up for three years, whilst having the opportunity to participate inseveral SUMP training modules. SUMPs-Up partners will also undertake extensive monitoring and evaluation of their SUMP development and implementation processes.
To be part of the leadership group, a planning authority must be at an advanced stage in the development of their SUMP (phase 2, 3 or 4 of the SUMP planning cycle). In addition, they must commit to completing at least two of the four phases of the SUMP planning cycle and/or develop a SUMP that is ready for adoption by August 2019.
Funding: up to €13,000
Is your city starting its SUMP?
Planning authorities can also join the "Expert group" (40 participants). Members will have the opportunity to follow a dedicated SUMP learning programme (SLP): "Tools and services for initiating a SUMP". The programme consists mainly of workshops, webinars, and online courses.

IPP participants will also test and apply SUMP tools and methodologies for and approaches to transport planning in real situations at local and regional levels. They will then provide comments and feedback on their experiences so that the tested tools and methodologies can be improved.
The group will be split into two "classes" in order to ensure that training activities are tailored to participants as much as possible. Depending on the size of the authority applying, they will join one of the following two classes:
  1. Tools and services for initiating a SUMP;
  2. Tools and services for initiating a SUMP - tailor-made for small and medium-sized cities.
Funding: up to €7,500
How to apply?
The application form and other key documents, including the Terms of Reference, Frequently Asked Questions,  and Confirmation Letter, can be found here:
To apply, fill in the application form and sign the Confirmation Letter by 24 May 2017.
Questions should be sent to the IPP helpdesk:
To sum up: