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CIVITAS SATELLITE peer-exchange programme 2019: apply now

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Launched at the CIVITAS forum in September 2018, the call for host cities of this third annual peer-exchange programme has attracted much interest. Offering a tailored hands-on learning experience for implementing transport measures through work placements and study visits across Europe, the programme has now opened applications for participants.

For 2019, CIVITAS SATELLITE has selected five cities in which visits will be organised:

  • Antwerp (Study Visit): The main mobility objective of the city of Antwerp is to tackle the port-city challenge, improve transport infrastructure, reduce motorised road movements, promote sustainable transport modes, and keep the Antwerp region accessible and liveable. Antwerp is partner of the project CIVITAS PORTIS. The study visit will take place on 8-10 May 2019 and it will cover the topics of: behavioural change, cycling and walking, mobility management and innovation process. During the visit different partners and stakeholders will be involved: City of Antwerp, and PORTIS project partners (Port of Antwerp, Public transport operators, regional government, city authorities).

  • Budapest (study visit): in the last few years, Budapest has played an important role at international and European level thanks to networks and projects related to urban mobility. The city has also been awarded prestigious prizes such as European Mobility Week Award, Euro-China Green and Smart City Award, acknowledging the achievement of its sustainable mobility work. The study visit will take place in June or September, focusing on urban freight, citizen involvement, community planning, shared mobility and mobility as a service (MaaS). During the visit, the Centre for Budapest Transport (BKK) and project managers involved in its many R&D projects will be involved as partners.

  • Cascais (Study Visit): The city developed in the last years an important programme in the field of sustainable urban mobility, branded MobiCascais, which integrates local transport with regional transports and supports good practices implemented by the municipality. The city received the Global Mobi Award 2018 for intelligent mobility city. The study visit hosted by Cascais will be organised in October and it aims at covering the following topics: advanced mobility management and MaaS. During the visit, different local/regional partners and stakeholders will be involved, especially: Municipality of Cascais, Cascais Proxima, private bus operators, railway operators, public bus operators, electric carsharing company, journalists, University and consultant and technology providers.

  • Rethymno (work placement): Rethymno, a partner of the CIVITAS DESTINATIONS project, has adopted a sustainable development approach in its work since 2007. It joined the Covenant of Mayors (2011), Mayors Adapt (2016) and Covenant of Mayors for Climate & Energy (2017) and includes sustainable mobility as a priority pillar of its Municipal Sustainable Energy and Climate Action Plan (SECAP). The work placement, which will take place in September-October, will focus on the topics of innovative dock, electromobility, shared mobility systems and mobility plans for schools. During the visit local and regional partners and stakeholders will be involved, including Rethymno Municipality (DESTINATIONS partner), the Technical University of Crete (DESTINATIONS partner), public transport operators, regional government, the CIVINET CY – EL network of local public authorities in Greece and Cyprus, the region of Crete, the Ministry of Transport, Hoteliers Association, Chamber of Commerce, University of Crete and Technical Chamber of Greece.

  • Additionally, Tel Aviv will host a peer exchange activity, the format of which will be confirmed in the coming weeks. Tel Aviv is involved in the process of transformation, from relying on cars as its main mobility mode to sustainable modes such as mass transit and bicycles. In this process, the city faces many challenges and is having to invent and reinvent solutions in a fast-changing reality. The visit will focus on the shared bicycle scheme, car-sharing and the Tel Aviv programme for sustainable mobility. The timeframe of the visit is be confirmed at a later date.

Financial support will be given to a number of selected cities on the basis of pre-defined criteria. This financial support will be available for up to three city representatives for each study visit and one city representative for the work placement. You will find more information on this in the application form. 

If you're interested in taking part in one of these visits please fill in the form for the visit you want to attend (a separate form for each city) and send it back to Melanie Leroy by 21 January 2019: 

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