CASCADE: energy sustainability in cities

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CASCADE experts visited Mannheim and Eindhoven recently to share experiences of improving energy efficiency

Our project on local energy leadership, CASCADE, recently organised study visits in Mannheim (September) and Eindhoven (October) allowed cities to exchange knowledge and experience on improving energy efficiency and increasing the share of renewable energy. 

On 24-25 September 2013, city experts and officials from Eindhoven, Milan, Sliven, Timisoara and Malmo visited Mannheim to get inspired by the city’s approach on energy efficient buildings and districts.

Visitors learnt about Mannheim’s energy efficient building strategy and the specific measures it is taking. They also acquired knowledge on technical and user behaviour aspects of energy efficiency and they gained new ideas on the refurbishment of existing districts and the construction of new more energy efficient ones. Tours of some of Mannheim's energy efficient buildings included a visit to the 'Benjamin Franklin Village' and also old buildings refurbished to meet higher energy efficiency standards. 

During a study visit on 23-24 October 2013, Eindhoven presented its innovative ideas for promoting and facilitating renewable energy investments to experts from Brighton & Hove, Rzeszow, Terrassa and Venice. 

The five cities explored the work of Eindhoven’s ‘Coordination centre for sustainable energy’ and saw concrete examples of how it facilitates, motivates and inspires both citizens and market actors to invest in renewable energy. They were particularly interested in Eindhoven’s strategy to increase the installation of solar systems on the roofs of residential buildings and support the creation of renewable energy citizens’ cooperatives.

This was also an opportunity to get new ideas on how to promote renewable energy from two of Eindhoven’s innovative projects: the Meerhoven Bio Energy plant and the innovative ‘aquifer thermal energy storage system’ in the STRIJP R residential area. Participants were impressed by the leading work of solar energy companies in the High Tech Campus Eindhoven.

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