C-the Difference workshop in Bordeaux. From C-ITS- technology to mobility solutions

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C-the Difference EU project

On 21st November 2017, the European project C-the Difference is organising a workshop in Bordeaux as part of its City Twinning programme whose aim is to foster knowledge sharing and C-ITS pilot best practices exchange to boost the replicability of C-ITS services with other European cities.

The workshop entitled “Beyond Traffic Jam”, will provide an big opportunity to harvest C-ITS specific expertise from the two pilot cities (Bordeaux and Helmond), both being frontrunners in the deployment of C-ITS. This expertise has been gained through various pilot activities over the past years and knowledge will be shared.
All major European cities are also aware of importance of large-scale deployment of new services and are already planning C-ITS deployment.The twinning program aims to accelerate the replicability of C-ITS services in support of wide-scale deployment. Showcases will also be organised to give a unique opportunity to experience in live C-ITS services.
Furthermore, on 22 November they will organise a workshop with specific focus on “C-ITS & Traffic Management Systems - Probe Vehicle Data”
Registrations will close on 10 November 2017.
Please find the agenda and registration form here.

EUROCITIES staff contact

Peter StaelensSenior project coordinator