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5 minutes survey on barriers to climate adaptation in cities: have your say!

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The Urban Agenda partnership on climate adaptation has identified bottlenecks for urban adaptation to climate change and is inviting all cities to assess the relevance of those bottlenecks.


The Urban Agenda for the EU was set up following the ‘Pact of Amsterdam’, and introduces 12 thematic partnerships addressing various challenges from a multi-level (local, regional, member state and EU) perspective. The Partnership on Climate Adaptation is one of the 12 thematic partnerships in the Urban Agenda for the EU. This particular partnership seeks to identify challenges related to climate adaptation in the urban environment. In order to identify the actions needed in this topic, the Partnership has identified various bottlenecks in the field of climate adaptation that require attention. Through this questionnaire we would like to see how relevant these bottlenecks are according to other cities in Europe. Also, we are interested in your feedback regarding the bottlenecks.

The questionnaire is designed to take not more than 5 minutes of your time. We highly appreciate your contribution made by filling in the questionnaire now or no later than the end of March


Please do not hesitate to contact the Technical Secretariat of the Climate Adaptation Partnership – Veronika Brantova and Robert Haffner - at for any questions, comments or issues you may have.

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