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2018 to be European Year of Cultural Heritage

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In early February, the European Council and the European Parliament reached a provisional decision to officially designate 2018 the first European Year of Cultural Heritage.

Preparations will start when the proposal goes through the legislative process. 
The main objectives of the year are to: promote cultural diversity, intercultural dialogue, and social cohesion; highlight the economic contribution of cultural heritage to the cultural and creative sectors, including small and medium-sized enterprises, and to local and regional development; and emphasise the role of cultural heritage in EU external relations, including conflict prevention, post-conflict reconciliation, and rebuilding destroyed cultural heritage.
The year will be funded through the redeployment of resources from existing European programmes, and will have its own dedicated financial envelope of €8 million. 
EUROCITIES has responded to an open call by the European Commission for interested stakeholders to join a structured dialogue on the year’s implementation. 

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