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15th CIVITAS FORUM conference

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Torres Vedras

The annual CIVITAS FORUM conference will be held on 27-29 September in Torres Vedras.

The event will bring together hundreds of mobility experts, actors, and stakeholders from across Europe.

The 15th edition will offer state-of-the-art presentations, interactive workshops and sessions, and interesting site visits.

The city of Torres Vedras was chosen to host the CIVITAS Forum 2017 because of its active involvement in CIVINET Portugal-Spain and the CIVITAS Political Advisory Committee.

The CIVITAS Forum is launching a call for contributions as an internal call to the CIVITAS 2020 projects. Submit a proposal by 18 May 2017 for a session or presentation.

You can also demonstrate your urban mobility tools and methods in a new feature of the programme: Deployment Day. This is a full day in the centre of the programme (28 September 2017) that will be a hub in which local practitioners, policy makers, researchers, academics, consultants, and businesses come together to share or learn about one another’s urban mobility tools, methods and experiences through a variety of interactive presentations and activities. Submit a proposal by 18 May 2017 to present your tool, method, or experience.

We look forward to receiving your proposal and organising an event that showcases your work. To apply, simply download an application form from the CIVITAS website ( and send your completed form by email to the CIVITAS Secretariat at

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