‘The ideal cultural and creative city is a mix of 8 cities’ - First EC Cultural and Creative Cities Monitor

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This first edition of the EC Cultural and Creative Cities Monitor shows how well 168 selected cities in 30 European countries perform on a range of selected indicators grouped along 9 dimensions describing the ‘Cultural Vibrancy’, the ‘Creative Economy’ and the ‘Enabling Environment’ of a city.

The results highlight what cities are good at and where there is room for improvement. They also show that the best performing cities are not necessarily best in everything, but rely on key strengths in different areas.

The Monitor is presented as a tool to support policy makers in identifying strengths, benchmarking their city against peers and learning from them, and assessing the impact of their policies. The goal of the Monitor is to engage the public and policy makers to fully acknowledge the importance of culture and creativity in today’s society and trigger investments in promoting culture and creativity.

A cross-city comparison along the ‘Cultural Vibrancy’ and ‘Creative Economy’ sub-indices of the Cultural and Creative Cities Monitor reveals that Paris turns out to be the Cultural and Creative City ‘par excellence’, featuring a very good performance on both sub-indices, followed closely by Copenhagen, Stockholm, Amsterdam and Eindhoven. Florence, Weimar, Bruges and Cork are instead top ‘Cultural Cities’ (with much higher scores on the cultural vibrancy than on the creative economy) and Bratislava, Stuttgart and Munich are top ‘Creative’ ones.

The Monitor will be updated every two years; it will be open to additional cities. 

For more info: https://composite-indicators.jrc.ec.europa.eu/cultural-creative-cities-monitor/ 

We also invite you to check concrete examples of how cities make smart investments in culture here: http://bit.ly/1M1QK4d 

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