social innovation

Our work around social innovaton focuses on understanding how to foster innovation, evaluate and implement innovative pilot projects. 

Local governments are required to adapt and innovate their services to respond to new and emerging challenges. Social innovation can mean new ways of formulating policies, new organisational models, new legal frameworks, new partnerships and so on.

Cities are best-placed to build the kind of creative, cross-sectoral and cross-cultural thinking needed for a socially cohesive Europe. Local authorities and NGOs working in communities notice social problems as they occur. This gives them a clearer insight and perspective far in advance of national governments or EU institutions. It means they are in a good position to react to these problems and develop innovative and effective solutions to them. This innovation is closely linked to the principle of subsidiarity: giving the people nearest the problem the capacity to resolve them.

Our social affairs forum and our nine Cities for Active Inclusion partners showcase and promote social innovation by exploring creative policies and projects. Members can share their ideas, learn from others and cooperate on joint commitments and action plans. 

WG Smart Social Inclusion in Brno

The next meeting of the WG Smart Social Inclusion will take place in Brno from Thursday 1st to Friday 2nd June.


start date: 01-06-2017
end date: 02-06-2017

Cities reaffirm their commitment to fight against poverty and rising inequalities

On 3-4 of April 2017, the EUROCITIES Social Affairs Forum held a meeting in the city of Lisbon. A record number of 140 representatives from over 40 cities gathered to discuss effective ways to prevent and respond to deep-seated poverty and rising inequalities in cities.


publication date: 10-04-2017

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publication date: 03-03-2017

Working group smart social inclusion: Milan’s social entrepreneurship strategy

On 23-24 February, Milan hosted a study visit for members of EUROCITIES working group smart social inclusion to present the city’s initiatives for promoting social entrepreneurship and social inclusion. Representatives from Bialystok, Brno, Katowice, Madrid, Nantes, Porto, Riga, Utrecht and Warsaw were in attendance.


publication date: 27-02-2017


start date: 03-04-2017
end date: 04-04-2017


start date: 23-02-2017
end date: 24-02-2017

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Alternative approaches to welfare and services in the sharing economy

Our final article looking at the outcomes of the roundtable sessions at EUROCITIES 2016 Milan, this time on alternative approaches to welfare and services.


publication date: 16-12-2016

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New business models in the sharing economy

At EUROCITIES 2016 Milan, participants had the chance to debate ways to support new business models in the sharing economy during a political roundtable session.


publication date: 08-12-2016

EUROCITIES contribution to the consultation on a European Pillar of Social Rights

EUROCITIES has finalised its report contributing to the European Commission’s consultation on the European Pillar of Social Rights. EUROCITIES supports this initiative and recommends that:


publication date: 01-12-2016


publication date: 29-11-2016