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Bologna - Let's do it together!

In the last 5 years, Bologna has successfully trialled an urban innovation model based on circular subsidiarity and civic collaboration, the ‘collaborative city.’ This means public administrations governing not only on behalf of citizens, but also with citizens, basing their policies on the two concepts of city as commons and citizens as a great source of energy, talent, resources, capabilities and ideas in support of urban regeneration.

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publication date: 14-03-2019

EUROCITIES - city leaders agenda for Europe

EUROCITIES political manifesto ahead of the European elections


publication date: 12-03-2019

Urban Academy on Integration of Migrants and Refugees - 21-22 May, Antwerp

City representatives are warmly invited to take part in the Urban Academy on the Integration of Migrants and Refugees, which will take place in Antwerp on 21-22 May 2019.


start date: 21-05-2019
end date: 22-05-2019

Join our study visit to the education authorities in Barcelona on 24-26 April

EUROCITIES is organising a study visit to Barcelona on 24-26 April in the framework of its Working Group inclusion through education.


publication date: 08-03-2019

Register NOW for the policy transfer study visit to Toulouse on Roma access to housing

How can cities support Roma to move from camps into adequate housing? This is the theme that EUROCITIES is exploring during a study visit to Toulouse on 9-10 April to support policy transfer of promising city measures for Roma access to adequate housing.


publication date: 07-03-2019

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WG creative citizenship met in Ostend

To have meaningful citizen’s participation and co-creation of local policies, chose to engage with conflict, “cherish your angry citizens” said professor Wouter Van Dooren in a public lecture in Ostend last week, in front of our WG creative citizenship.


publication date: 06-03-2019

Register NOW for the WG Smart Social Inclusion meeting - 27 March, Glasgow

We are pleased to invite you to join the meeting of WG Smart Social Inclusion on 27 March in Glasgow.


publication date: 28-02-2019

EUROCITIES launches new initiative of city pledges at the European Parliament

21 cities, representing more than 20 million citizens have presented their pledges to act on the principles of the European Pillar of Social Rights through dedicated investments for city measures. In total, the 21 cities pledge to invest €4.32 billion to fight poverty and social exclusion over the next 5 years.


publication date: 22-02-2019

21 cities pledge to implement the European Pillar of Social Rights

Within the framework of our new EUROCITIES initiative 'Inclusive Cities for All: Social Rights in My City', 21 cities have adopted pledges showing how they act to translate the principles of the European Pillar of Social Rights into actions to improve people's lives.


publication date: 19-02-2019

Lyon pledges to support employment, gender equality and social inclusion

Lyon metropole ('Grand Lyon') is the 21st city to sign a pledge to the European Pillar of Social Rights.


publication date: 18-02-2019