Call for website development services - Employment and Social Innovation programme

EUROCITIES is looking for companies to develop the website of the ‘Inclusive Cities for All’ initiative', as part of the EUROCITIES work programme for social inclusion financed under the EU Programme for EU Programme for Employment and Social Innovation (EaSI) 2018-2021.


publication date: 12-06-2019

Call for external evaluator - Employment and Social Innovation programme

EUROCITIES is looking for an external evaluator to assess the impact of our mutual learning activities under the Employment and Social Inclusion (EaSI) operating grant 2019. If you have an interest in social exclusion issues and experience in impact assessment, we hope to hear from you by 13 June.


publication date: 22-05-2019

  •  mobility

CIVITAS Study visit: Braga's achievements in cleaner mobility

In the frame of a study visit organised by the CIVITAS project, experts from the cities of Kilkìs, Kruševac, Vila Nova de Gaia and Guimarães got to know why the city of Braga should brag about herself.


publication date: 14-05-2019

Danube compass launched - an integrated information platform for migrants new to the Danube region

The Danube Compass is an online portal to provide information for new inhabitants of the Danube region, many of which are migrants. It contains information about living and working in Austria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Germany, Hungary, Serbia, Slovakia and Slovenia. The information is available in many different languages.


publication date: 08-05-2019

EUROCITIES presents to Council of Europe good practices from cities on Roma housing inclusion

EUROCITIES was invited to present good practices from cities on preventing evictions and securing access to adequate housing at the Council of Europe Dialogue with Roma and Traveller Civil Society that took place on 11-12 April in Strasbourg.


publication date: 08-05-2019

Save the date for our autumn Social Affairs Forum in Warsaw

Our Social Affairs Forum will meet in Warsaw on 22-24 October to discuss how to ensure social inclusion and well-being for all ages in view of building inclusive cities for all people.


publication date: 08-05-2019

  •  cooperation

Our ‘Inclusive Cities for All’ initiative continues – Join NOW with your city pledge!

This February, EUROCITIES launched a new initiative 'Inclusive cities for all: Social rights in my city' and we announced the first 21 city pledges at a high-level political event at the European Parliament. The pledges bring a total investment of over €4.32 billion from cities over the next 5 years to fight poverty and social exclusion by delivering the principles of the European Pillar of Social Rights at local level.


publication date: 07-05-2019

15 cities learn from Toulouse how to support Roma to access adequate housing

How can cities support Roma to move out of camps into adequate housing? This is what 35 local policy-makers and practitioners on homelessness and Roma inclusion from 15 European cities addressed during a policy transfer study visit to Toulouse. Representatives from the Council of Europe and the EU’s Agency for Fundamental Rights also took part in the meeting.


publication date: 19-04-2019

  •  knowledge society

EUROCITIES principles on citizen data: 10 data principles for the common good

Where does our data go? How can citizens take back some control over what will become one of the most valuable resources of our society?


publication date: 05-04-2019

  •  culture

Culture and demographic change: new EUROCITIES recommendations

Our new recommendations for cities, cultural institutions and practitioners were developed by the EUROCITIES young people and culture working group and aim to strengthen the strategic planning and development of local cultural institutions facing challenges linked to demographic changes.


publication date: 03-04-2019