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EUROCITIES webinar on ICapital award

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On 4 April, from 11.00 (CET), Giuseppe Ruotolo, from DG Research & Innovation - B1 Innovation Union Policy will present the new European Capital of Innovation award to EUROCITIES members.

The third edition of the award will be officially launched at the end of March 2017.

With this third edition of the award, the European Commission will award the city most willing to experiment with new and innovative citizen-driven initiatives, proving itself as a 'test-bed' for potential solutions to relevant societal challenges.
Participant cities will be judged on the extent to which they allow citizens to experiment and ensure the uptake of their ideas. Three cash prizes will be awarded to the best city initiatives creating the right environment to innovate:
The European Capital of Innovation 2017: €1 000 000
First runner-up: €100 000
Second runner-up: €100 000

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Anja Katalin De Cunto