ECOMM 2017

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ECOMM is the most important European conference for policy makers, traffic experts and scientists in the mobility industry. The first conference took place in 1997 and since then it has been held each year in a different European city. In 2017, the intention is to encourage the involvement of market players in mobility industry. The three-day conference that will take place next year at the MECC should attract approximately 500 participants, host more than 50 lectures as well as offer excursions and a cultural programme. Besides the exchange of knowledge, this conference is also of economic importance to the city of Maastricht.

Smart Mobility
The theme for the 2017 conference will be Public-Private Partnerships in the field of smart mobility. Both government and industry benefits from the development of mobility services and enabling commuters and tourists to travel smart. Consider mobility services such as apps that offer commuters live travel advice – some days it is smarter to travel by public transport than by car. Or the introduction of a reward system that encourages commuters to make their work journeys by bicycle, e-bike or public transport.
Utilising Public-Private Partnerships in the development of these techniques is essential. Governments offer businesses financing opportunities as well as legal frameworks in areas such as provision of privacy. Businesses reciprocate by offering innovative technology and expertise through working with various disciplines within IT, mobility, marketing and traffic engineering.