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The Financial Times: Tackling populism in Europe's cities

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In this letter to the editor, Daniël Termont, Mayor of Ghent and EUROCITIES president, expresses the EUROCITIES belief that European cities should be given every opportunity to work across borders, and deliver solutions for their citizens. However, in the lead up to the summit of heads of state and government in Rome on 25 march, he asks EU and national leaders to consider three important messages from cities.

The letter summarises some of the key outcomes from the recent EUROCITIES mayors summit in Brussels, which gathered 17 mayors and 17 vice mayors from cities across Europe as well as representatives from the EU institutions.

It also looks ahead to mention that EUROCITIES will be engaging in the future of Europe debate over the next 12-18 months via a cities-led campaign to rethink and remodel Europe.

You can read the full article here.