Policy Statement on the new Asylum and Migration Fund Regulation proposal

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Reception and early integration measures will be key priorities in the future. Clearly, the proper integration of migrants and refugees must be supported by more funding, yet public budgets are restricted and EU funds are not easily accessible for city authorities.

The current Asylum Migration and Integration Fund (AMIF) has provided vital financial resources for cities, but it has its limitations. The new Asylum and Migration Fund (AMF) should address these key challenges, starting from the local level. EUROCITIES key messages for the new AMF Regulation are:

  • The newly introduced provisions emphasising the role of local authorities, and the actions implemented at local level, are an important step in the right direction. 
  • The thematic facility funding should be made easily and directly accessible to cities. 
  • City authorities should be consulted at all stages of the implementation of the AMF fund, putting partnership principle into practice.
  • Coordination between actions and priorities funded under AMF and ESF+ is fundamental to avoid gaps between early and long-term integration 
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