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With the aim of being at the forefront of economic, social, environmental and democratic transitions, since 2001 Nantes Metropole has worked for developing more responsible development models that involve all relevant stakeholders such as local economic networks, in particular SMEs.
The way pursued by Nantes is that of promoting responsible and sustainable public procurement. Benefiting from of new legislation at national level ( National Plan for SPP) since 2010, both the metropolitan and city administrations have been working together with locally based stakeholders on developing criteria for Corporate Social Responsibility in public procurement procedures. These criteria lead procurers to act as responsible buyers and, at the same time, by addressing social, environmental and economic issues, they allow responsible companies to promote their overall performance when responding to a public procurement procedure.
The outcome is the adoption at metropolitan level of the Responsible Purchasing Promotion Scheme (RPPS)in 2017, which aims to provide an internal guide for the implementation of further responsible public procurement actions, and present the strategies of local authorities in the area to companies and other relevant actors.
Thanks to its long term 15-year commitment to SPP, Nantes has already made improvements to its contracting in many key sectors. This includes the purchase of eco-friendly supplies (cleaning products, wood, paper, furniture, organic food, etc.) or high energy performance products (vehicles, computers etc.). Nantes has also introduced contract clauses specifically targeting lower CO2 emissions from road works, street lighting, and waste collection contracts.
Nantes Metropole is chairing EUROCITIES working group on public services and public procurement, aiming to exchange with cities to promote its model and also to further improve it; as well as to influence EU legislation and policies on strategic public procurement.
Contact person: Patricia Dupré-Cormerais,
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