EUROCITIES statement on plastics strategy in a circular economy

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EUROCITIES statement on plastics strategy in a circular economy.

EUROCITIES welcomes the Commission’s forthcoming strategy on plastics, as it remains one of the most difficult waste streams to manage. City authorities play a key role in better collection and treatment of waste. The upcoming strategy should take into account the enormous variation of products, qualities and lifespan characteristics that account for plastic use and plastic waste. Fast and firm steps in cooperation with cities should be taken in order to wrap up this plastic predicament.

EUROCITIES advocates measures that can result in real reduction of the harms caused by plastic are: prevention of plastic waste, and increased emphasis on re-usable packaging; establishing a forum where all stakeholders can agree on guidelines for recycling design, to make it clearer and more intuitive, with more responsibility placed along the entire value chain; better design of collection and sorting systems; discouraging biodegradable plastics; and immediate coordinated action upon sources of microplastic contamination. 

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