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EUROCITIES president State of the Union response

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In response to European Commission president, Jean-Claude Jnucker's State of the Union, EUROCITIES president Daniel Termont and mayor of Ghent, said:

“As city leaders, we fully share Commission president Juncker’s ambitions about a more positive future for the EU. That does not mean ‘more’ or ‘less’ EU. We just need an EU that helps deliver solutions to the challenges our citizens are facing. To better tackle challenges in the future we need to radically rethink the way the EU works. As the level of government closest to citizens, city authorities are ready to be strategic partners on the path towards a stronger more democratic Europe. The urban agenda for the EU has recognised the added value of involving cities directly in the EU’s work on policy and funding on matters that concern us and our citizens. It is in Europe’s cities that many of the solutions towards a more prosperous, sustainable and inclusive Europe are developed. In May 2018, our campaign ‘Cities4Europe, Europe for citizens’ will involve our citizens directly and give them a voice on the future of Europe. Cities will be the catalyst in the democratic leap the EU needs to make. Our message to president Juncker is: Work with us – let’s set sail and catch that wind together.”