case studies list for homelessness

Strasbourg’s Re-let my vacant housing scheme

Strasbourg has developed a novel scheme enabling vacant private housing to be reintroduced as social housing. Through support for owners of empty homes and a toolbox for rental management, the city is creating more affordable homes for poorer households while also promoting social diversity and sustainable development.

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case study date : 11-10-2019

Visualise Vienna’s model on preventing evictions and homelessness

EUROCITIES has prepared a video to present the successful practice of Vienna on preventing evictions and homelessness. It focuses on the strategic approach of the city, by showing the direct impact it has on two citizens - Andreas & Franziska. Through Wiener Wohnen, the property management company, Vienna engaged social workers to reach and provide tailored support to people that are at risk of being evicted.

case study

case study date : 19-03-2019

Integrating services at local level

The first in our series 'Social Investment in Cities' this publication presents good practice examples from 10 major European cities on how they integrate services at local level in areas such as migration, youth, childcare, unemployment and homelessness.

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case study date : 02-12-2014
brochure/report, good practices

Young Adults in Shelter (Stockholm)

The project “Young Adults in Shelter” investigated the rise in the number of young adults in homeless shelters and proposed more appropriate actions for them. It also offered a fast track from the shelter to other living arrangements or services.

case study

case study date : 26-03-2012
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