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Webinar on the invitation to ‘Big Public Buyers and Networks Initiative (pilot mode)’

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In the last weeks, the European Commission send to numerous stakeholders an invitation (in the attachment) to participate in the pilot phase of the partnership initiative among public buyers, networks of public buyers and the European Commission on the topic of strategic public procurement.

The ‘Big Public Buyers and Networks Initiative’, following the Communication on "Making Public Procurement work in and for Europe", aims to develop a partnership approach to strategic public procurement in order to promote links with and among buyers-stakeholders that have a evident impact to achieve more effective public procurement practice.
The pilot mode will be the start point of the Initiative and it will be mainly characterised by small events and training activities on needs expressed by the participants in the context of strategic public procurement. In this first phase, the Commission will provide an administrative support.
A number of concrete pilot activities involving key interested stakeholders will be organised on: 
  • Joint statement of demand with a view to engaging the market on the basis of a critical mass of demand for specific products and services. Such statements of demand will be based on joint needs assessment.
  • Alliances for deployment and scale up of breakthrough innovation used for piloting and testing innovation through procurement based on the expressed needs. It is expected that such needs can be found among others in sectors related to construction, health, energy and especially social care and mobility.
  • Training and peer-to-peer exchanges including promotion of strategic procurement based around cases with experts who can answer practical questions in the context of the overall objective of increased professionalisation of public procurement practices. The training thematics will be identified with stakeholders.
If you would like to participate in this initiative, please express your interest to the EC, clearly indicating your chosen liaison and your specific expectations and needs from this partnership. The expression of interest should be sent to In case of interest, EC will send you further information on future events to be organized in the framework of this initiative.
Due to the fact that EUROCITIES is strongly involved and supporting the initiative we would like to give more information to our members. We are organising a webinar on 6 November from 14.00 to 15.00 during which Matija Matokovic (European Commission - DG GROW) will present the Initiative and he will answer to all your questions.
Please confirm your participation to the webinar by registering by 5 November: here
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