Webinar: Planning a Sustainable City through Carbon Budgets

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On Tuesday 25 September 2018 the Covenant of Mayors and Sharing Cities will organise a webinar on the topic "Planning a Sustainable City through Carbon Budgets".

One of the big steps towards sustainable and low carbon cities is the capacity to cap and monitor greenhouse gas emissions and plan activities, infrastructures and urban design accordingly. Carbon budgets enable to visualise carbon emission reductions, how they are financed, and to allocate responsibilities. Not only do they enable to mobilise across city departments and various stakeholders, but with strict scrutiny processes, they also help informing and involving local politicians, civil servants, and citizens.

The Covenant signatory Oslo was the first city to introduce a “Climate budget” in 2016 for the year 2017, with the goal to halve their emissions as soon as possible after 2022. The US city Eugene in the state of Oregon is also working on carbon budgeting, and other cities such as London are considering this option as well. This webinar will give an insight of the possibilities opened up by carbon budgeting to plan a sustainable city.

The webinar will be on Tuesday 25 September 2018, from 16.00 to 17.00 CEST
Please, find the agenda and registration link here.

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