Webinar: From a linear to a circular economy - How to start?

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This webinar will explore the topic of circularity with examples from the cities of Vijayawada (India), Turin (Italy), the province of Hainan and a presentation from the OECD.

Globally cities produce 75% of the green-house gas emissions, 50% of the waste, while consuming 60–80% of the natural resources. Cities, due to the high concentration of resources over a small geographic territory, are uniquely positioned to play a crucial role and influence the reuse, recycling, recovery and upgrade of traditional waste streams. While embarking on a journey from a linear economy model of 'taking-making-disposing', many cities focus on improving their waste management, valorising particular waste streams and preventing resources from becoming waste in the first place. While sharing their experiences, identifying challenges and recommendation, the webinar will provide inspiration on how to make your city more circular. The benefits of such transitions will also be explored as actions to increase resource efficiency can be instrumental to achieve Paris climate agreement.

This webinar organised by the International Urban Cooperation programme, as part of the Covenant of Mayors for Climate and Energy.