WG Migration & Integration Meeting in Tampere, 6-8 May 2020

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The WG Migration and Integration will get together on 6-8 May 2020 in the city of Tampere to discuss and exchange on the topic of "International Talent Attraction and Labour Market Integration".

Cities are looking into new ways to attract international talent and provide incentives for migrants to settle and work in their territories. In doing so, cities facilitate possibilities for employers to recruit talent from abroad and employ individuals with a migrant background that are already settled in the region. At the same time, the local level also supports migrants in the development of their skills and in finding employment opportunities suitable to their educational qualifications and professional expertise.

EUROCITIES is organising this meeting to enable an exchange between cities on the challenges and opportunities in this context. Taking the form of a policy transfer, this meeting will build on the city of Tampere's good practices in the field of international talent attraction to transfer know-how among participating cities.

To this end, EUROCITIES will open a call to select up to five "transfer cities" to present their practices on the topic. More information on the call, meeting agenda, and further practical details will follow soon!

EUROCITIES staff contact

Katharina Bamberg