Seminar on sustainable urban mobility in the smart city

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BrabantStad organises an energetic seminar that focuses on serious deployment of sustainable urban mobility in the smart city

Today’s cities and regions in Europe face challenges in terms of congestion, air quality, noise, livability, lack of space, global warming and sustainable economic development.

The question is how will we move from 'a' to 'b' in the decades to come? The solutions that industry can offer have the potential to be a game changer and have a large impact on society and the way how we use public space. Developments in mobility are complex and highly dynamic, meaning it is nearly impossible to accurately predict the future. What we know today is obsolete tomorrow, so what we need is learning by doing. Governments, industry, researchers, citizens and all other stakeholders need to work together in living labs, real life test beds and learning ecosystems. We need creativity and partnership.

The main question today is 'How to make change happen?' and the inspiring speakers of this seminar might bring us closer to the answer.

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