Replication and co-creation workshop in Lisbon

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As part of the ROCK EU funded project, EUROCITIES organises a replication and co-creation workshop in Lisbon.

The Lisbon ROCK pilot area is included between the neighbourhoods of Marvila and Beato. This area is a former rural and industrial territory composed of multiple micro-neighbourhoods (bairros) which present complex geographic and social characteristics. Lisbon is using cultural heritage as an instrument of inclusion. During the workshop, delegates will:

  • Learn from the experience and lessons from Lisbon innovative working methods in the remote neighbourhood of Marvila, notably the setting up of an Interpretive Centre in Marvila's Library;
  • Identify success factors that can help the transferability, scalability or replication of the innovative approach to other urban contexts;
  • Discuss challenges and obstacles in the implementation process and how to overcome them;
  • Formulate more effective and efficient responses to critical challenges in Lisbon.

ROCK cities, ROCK partners and EUROCITIES members (selected via a call for participation) are invited to attend this event. The agenda is available to download along with presentations made during the workshop.

   ROCK_agenda_Roadshow_and_Replication_Workshop_-_25-27_Lisbon_Sept_2019_-_final_versiondownload/preview this file
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