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Fab City Summit 2018 (Paris, 11-13 July)

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Fab City Grand Paris Association, the Paris City Council, the Fab City global initiative and the Fab City Foundation

The Fab City Summit 2018, part of the FAB+ Conference, will be held in Paris on 11-13July. The 3 days event, organised by the Fab City Grand Paris Association, the Paris City Council, the Fab City global initiative and the Fab City Foundation, aims to spread the FabCity approach towards Europe and world thanks to concrete and replicable success stories. Particularly, the summit will gather experts and communities to discuss about the future of productive and resilient cities.


The Fab City Summit program includes:

• Fab City Lab, an institutional event on 11July organised with the Paris City Council, hosted in the Town Hall. This event, dedicated to the public institutions (FabCity Network members and the finalists of iCapital from 2014), aims to strengthen the relationships among the cities and with the European commission and to share the ‘FabCity’ projects in order to foster the construction of new common projects at the European level. In particular, the morning will be characterised by a roundtable “the FabCity urban strategy’ and by a press conference to present the signature of the FabCity Manifesto. On the evening will be held roundtables on different issues: water and energy recovery, urban logistics, sustainable agriculture, new urban strategies, local production, circular productive sectors.

• A Fab City Conference on 12-13 July 2018 at Grande Halle de la Villette will be dedicated to the productive, resilient and connected cities and it will be characterised by high-quality keynote speakers from different sectors and by various workshops. You can buy the tickets here.

• A Fab City Campus, will be opened on 14 July and will be hosted at Parc de La Villette in Paris until 22 July. Fab City Campus is a short-term intervention that will showcase local and international experiences and prototypes of Fab Cities. It will include exhibitions, workshops for citizens and guided tours of local Fab Labs and makerspaces involved in the Fab City project in Paris and in the Region.

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