Delivering Sustainable Development Goals at regional and local level

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The European Committee of the Regions, Eurocities, and the Council of European Municipalities and Regions, have joined forces to organise a workshop on the implementation of SDGs at regional and local level. This event will take place during the European Week of Regions and Cities. Registrations open today, Monday 9 July. The event code is 9WS73

Following the adoption of the UN 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development in 2015, the European Commission is proceeding with the translation of SDGs within the EU. Among other initiatives, it has created a multi-stakeholder's platform on SDGs, where its 30 members, representing a wide variety of interests, advise on SDGs delivery and help to speed up its process. The creation of the platform itself already highlights a new drive towards inclusiveness; it shows that the EU is shifting towards new ways of governance to face the challenge of sustainability, thereby maximising the potential of all actors to contribute to SDGs.

At this event, we will explore how regions and cities in particular contribute to the implementation of the sustainable development agenda. We will address what sustainable development means at their level, how they translate it on the ground, and the steps involved in "localizing SDGs". We will also discuss how to link these efforts with progress and support at EU and national levels, as well as the key role of cities and regions in SDGs governance.

This event is directed as much at regions and cities, which are already working on SDGs and are willing to exchange on their experience, as at regions and cities, which are not yet engaged in SDGs but which want to know where to start.

Come and join us on 9 October!

Here below you can find the draft agenda. 

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