‘International Workshop on Urban Intelligence: How Smart is Your City?’ (30 July, London)

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United Kingdom

Cities are highly complex living systems that naturally evolve in spatial, demographic, social-economic and cultural terms and whose delicate state of balance depends on how they are affected and react to different forms of planning. The concept of smart city has integrated urban planning strategies all over the world and has been developing in the last two decades, evolving from a mere techno-centric interpretation to one based on a progressive and more human-centric perspective of ICT-driven urban innovation and development where contextual variance (environment, economy, social diversity and cultural specificities) is taken into account. UNIT adopts a people-centred, age- gender- and culture- responsive approach to urban development that respects human rights and targets to citizens’ collective and individual well-being in a process where “no one will be left behind”.

The ‘International Workshop on Urban Intelligence: How Smart is Your City?’, featured by the International Conference on Robot Ethics and Standards (ICRES) 2019, will take place on the 30 of July 2019 at the London South Bank University (London). Aiming at gathering relevant municipalities involved in developing smart city solutions, the workshop invites as well industry and academia to participate to share innovative solutions, experiences and case studies. The workshop will also look at future development and innovation areas, with a specific focus on using a citizen-centred approach. The importance of ICT-based solutions that have citizens' well-being and inclusiveness at heart will be at the core of the discussion.


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