Towards a more positive future for Europe

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With the EU at a cross roads, we need to seize the opportunity to change the way things are done in Europe. EUROCITIES’ city leaders are committed to a Europe that demonstrates results, regains the confidence of citizens, while also showing global leadership on issues such as climate change, equal opportunities, quality of life and high standards of public services.

Urban and European challenges are strongly connected and as drivers of development, Europe’s largest cities and metropolitan areas offer the right scale to respond to the challenges Europe is facing. At the same time, cities also recognise their responsibility towards their surrounding areas to ensure that opportunities created in cites are shared across Europe. City authorities are the level of government closest to citizens, and can help the EU regain the trust of its people. 

Our contribution to the future of Europe discussion, available via the link below, outlines several urgent steps that are needed to future-fit the EU and rethink the way things are currently done. These include:

  • better governance - a genuine partnership approach, with strong political leadership at EU level, strengthening the urban agenda working methods. We call for an annual meeting of EU, national and city leaders to set a common strategic agenda and agree on actions as well as an ‘urban seat’ at the subsidiarity and proportionality taskforce.
  • better funding and financing - city authorities must be fully involved in shaping investment programmes, notably cohesion policy. We need a stronger place-based approach across more comprehensive funding programmes. We must remove barriers to long term investment and secure direct access to funding where cities are in charge of delivery.
  • better outreach and citizens engagement - our ‘Cities4Europe, Europe for citizens’ campaign will engage citizens across Europe to understand their aspirations and expectations of the EU in the future. The EU needs better tools for listening to and engaging with its citizens. It can take inspiration from and use its cities for this purpose. We will launch the campaign on 7 May in Brussels!

Read our position in full here:

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