Milan: using people power to fight plastic pollution

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The city council in Milan has decided to take on plastic pollution as an environmental priority. To achieve this, Milan didn’t hesitate to learn by doing. Through its new initiative ‘Milano Plastic Free’, the northern Italian city wants to get rid of polluting plastics and increase citizens’ awareness of the environment and sustainable lifestyles.

This pilot project kicked off in January 2019 and has involved inviting all businesses in the city and their customers to join the programme on a voluntary basis. Over 200 bars, restaurants and shops committed to take different measures to reduce the use of disposable plastics, agreed to opt for eco-friendly alternatives and to separate the waste thanks to the collaboration of customers.

This initiative reflects the city’s mindset which is to address plastic pollution in an overall, sustainable and holistic approach, bringing on board all the stakeholders within the city and enhance the collaboration and relationship between citizens, public authorities and the private sector.

Tackling single-use plastic use requires concrete solutions and Milan is putting a lot of effort into promoting alternative. The city identified cultural events as an efficient way to raise people’s awareness on single use packaging. For example, Milan was concerned to ensure the Estate Sforzesca festival - a series of 80 live concerts and shows and one of the biggest public events in Milan – operated according to its plastic strategy.

Register here to learn more from Milan on how to mobilise your citizens on the afternoon 24 October

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