EUROCITIES launches citizen panels initiative

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Following the success of our 'Cities4Europe - Europe for citizens' campaign, we are keeping dialogue about the future of Europe going by organising citizen consultations in 20 cities.

Ninety one cities took an active and valuable part in our Cities4Europe campaign encouraging dialogue about the future of Europe and how we can inspire all levels of government to build societies where people come first and impact the way decisions are taken in Europe. Now, in partnership with the European Commission, we are involving citizens in this dialogue through a citizen panels initiative.

The initiative offers several opportunities:

  • Participating cities can increase their experience in participative and deliberative democracy, better connect their citizens to politics and inspire other cities and levels of government
  • Citizens can acquire knowledge, discuss ideas and give informed opinions about the future of Europe
  • EUROCITIES can show the pivotal role cities are able to play in the construction of a more citizen-focused Europe
  • The European Commission can have its online citizen consultation process supported by local governments and receive qualitative answers from well informed citizens who have attended local initiatives.

The citizen panels project is based on the principles of deliberative democracy and has two stages - first at the local level and then at the European.

Stage 1 - Cross section of citizen panels

Citizen panels will be organised in 20 cities between 29 October 2018 and 17 February 2019. Discussions will be based on the questions identified in the European Commission’s recently launched online consultation on the future of Europe. This is a way to break away from the idea of national interests, with local deliberations often delivering significantly more tangible results. The first citizen consultation will take place in Lille on 5 November 2018, on the topic of air quality.

Stage 2 - 2nd EUROCITIES mayors summit

As part of the mayors summit, EUROCITIES and the European Commission will present the panel results to political representatives of major European cities and national and European leaders.