EUROCITIES Knowledge Society Forum Autumn meeting – Uppsala, 16-18 October 2017

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The meeting will focus on ‘smart city governance models: leadership, partnership and scalability to create cities of the future’. Cities nowadays are asked to deal both with emerging challenges and growing expectations of their citizens when it comes to smart and sustainable urban solutions. New governance models are necessary for cities to explore, develop, share and scale up innovative services, initiatives and solutions.In doing this developing new or strengthen long and lasting partnerships with research, academia and public and private actors, always listening and involving citizens is a must.

During the meeting, concrete case presentations and partnership models will be introduced: IoT infrastructure and the use of LoRa or Uppsala Innovation Center are just few examples. Apart from WG meetings and discussion on data and standards and interoperability, members will also have the opportunity to discuss the first final results of the KSF priority matched with those at EU level (matrix exercise) and to learn more but also to contribute with inputs and concrete ideas to the work of the digital transition partnership of the Urban Agenda for the EU initiative.


Besides the panel discussions and sessions, the meeting will also offer a number of study visits, such as the visit of Uppsala Science Park or the field trip to Vaksala Eke site presenting innovative energy solutions.

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