EUROCITIES 2016 Milan - Sharing cities, 16-18 November

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Join us in Milan on 16-18 for a debate on rethinking Europe, discussions on the sharing economy and celebrations for our 30th anniversary.

Rethinking Europe

The Brexit vote and growing disillusionment in many member states is testing the European project. How can cities help create a stronger, more legitimate and relevant Europe? How can cities regain citizens’ faith in the European project? City politicians will meet in Milan for a debate on ‘rethinking Europe’ to consider the role they can play in rebuilding Europe from the bottom up. We will publish an open letter to European leaders after the debate.

How is the sharing economy shaking up cities?

Citizens are taking the lead in developing sharing economy initiatives that are shaking up the way cities work. Benita Matofska, a sharing economy expert, will deliver the keynote speech at our conference, offering insights into the impact this trend is having on the local economy and society. Join city politicians and experts for debates on different aspects on the sharing economy: city competences and legislative framework; new business models; quality jobs and skills; and alternative approaches to welfare and services. Study visits and the EUROCITIES awards will also take place on this theme.

30 years of EUROCITIES

Celebrate our 30th birthday with us on the opening night of the conference. We will be launching ‘Making cities. Visions for the urban future’, a collection of essays from young professionals, some of whom will join us in Milan. 

Full details in the media advisory at the link below. 

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