Dozens of cities sign EUROCITIES Declaration on citizens’ engagement at #EUROCITIES2018

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Mayors of major European cities have demonstrated their commitment to create a Europe where people come first.

At the EUROCITIES conference, attended by more than 500 participants, the mayors of Edinburgh, Ghent and Stockholm were the first to sign EUROCITIES Declaration on Citizens’ Engagement, pledging to:

  • involve citizens in a dialogue about our common future
  • inspire all levels of government to create societies where people come first
  • impact the way decisions are taken in Europe

As the closest level of government to citizens, cities are crucial in shaping the future of Europe. More than 90 cities have taken part in EUROCITIES ‘Cities4Europe – Europe for citizens’ campaign this year, which has highlighted positive examples of citizen engagement around Europe, and set examples for other cities and levels of government. 10 top citizens’ messages, collected from hundreds, were also shared with delegates.

Cities have been experimenting and innovating with new forms of participatory democracy, to support traditional representative democracy. This is central to successfully respond to pressing public concerns such as climate change, social cohesion, housing and employment.

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